Mozambique trains more BRIDGE Facilitators

4 November 2013

Twenty four participants from Mozambican political Parties, Civil Society Organizations and Electoral Management Bodies attended the BRIDGE Training the Facilitator, in Maputo, from 14-25 October 2013.

The TtF was organized by ECES – European Centre for Electoral Support in partnership with the EU funded project “Preventing Electoral Violence in the SADC-region – a project in support of the SADC-ESN network”.

The opening ceremony was led by the Delegate of the European Union in Mozambique, Duarte de Carvalho, who in his opening remarks highlighted the importance of the this training involving the participation of various sectors of Mozambican society, thereby contributing to the strengthening of democracy in Mozambique.

The TtF was conducted by four facilitators, namely Felisberto Naife and Claudio Albasine Langa, Accrediting Facilitators, and Hermenegildo Mulhovo and Alberto Nandja, Fully Accredited Facilitators.

Of the total of twenty-four participants, nine were women. Participants praised the opportunity to participate in the TtF and expressed the hope to continue to do the BRIDGE facilitation in order to complete the required steps.

“Judging by the unquestionable quality of the performance of the BRIDGE facilitators, the documents made available to the participants and the level of discussion and the presentations made by the participants, we conclude that the course was a good exercise”, said Guilherme Mbilana, Executive Director of the Electoral Observatory.

By Felisberto Naife

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