Nepal BRIDGE Training on Electoral Administration

5 November 2014

The International Foundation for Electoral System in collaboration and coordination with Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) and other BRIEGE partners such as IDEA and UNDP organized three days BRIDGE Training on Electoral Administration and management for officers who recently joined the ECN. The training was organized in the Electoral Education and Information Center (EEIC), of the ECN from 19 -21 October, 2014. A total 22 officers including 4 women actively participated in the training. The training aimed to inform and enhance knowledge of the new officers on electoral administration and management that can lead to their better performance as electoral managers. The course was designed and customized to meet the needs of the ECN new officers and as guided by the BRIEGE Module. The group discussed on cross cutting theme of election, the meaning and importance of election in democracy, criteria of free and fair elections and election tree. The course placed special emphasis on guiding principles of election management, legal frameworks for elections including EDR, types of EMBs and electoral system families. The content also encompassed with electoral cycle, election as biggest logistical event, voter registration, polling and counting procedures and results, public outreach, barrier faced by women and marginalized groups in electoral process and working with stakeholders.

 The training was facilitated by the group of the well experienced BRIDGE accrediting facilitator Mr. Shanti Ram Bimali, fully accredited facilitators Ms. Radhika Regmi, Mr. Surya Prasad Aryal, Ms. Nikila Shrestha, and semi-accredited facilitators Mr. Ram Govinda Aryal and Ms. Sita Samba. During the workshop, the participants were given the opportunity to evaluate and provide the feedback on daily basis through filling up of the evaluation forms and also the introduction of pre and post questionnaire evaluated the efficacy including the methodologies used in the training.

Some of the feedbacks from the participants were:

The training was very useful in terms of content and very useful for the new officers whoare working as the chief of district election offices in various districts of Nepal. They expressed it is very exclusive and good initiatives providing the induction to the new officers.

The methodology used in the training were participant oriented which was very effectiveand process and issues could be learnt very easily.

The encouragement of the facilitators for the balanced opportunity for participation wasthe beauty of the trainings.

The improved idea on electoral process and cycle would help to do the preparation for theelection in future.

The material provided are very useful to use as a reference material for the future.

In the sessions, it was good to give the examples of election of different countries.In the meantime, participants also proposed to provide them opportunities to participate in more BRIDGE modules to improve their knowledge and skills in election management.


At the end of the training, Mr. Ram Govinda Aryal was accredited as workshop facilitator by the Accrediting Facilitator Mr. Shanti Ram Bimali. Mr. Bimali was thoroughly observed, mentored and supervised the whole training and provided feedback during debriefing.

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