New BRIDGE site

4 May 2006

The new BRIDGE website has the following features

  1. A Frequently Asked Question section; 
  2. An overview of what BRIDGE is;
  3. A sitemap;
  4. A calendar displaying BRIDGE events – that registered users can submit events to;
  5. A News section with articles on the latest BRIDGE events (All registered users can post news articles to the section by clicking the ‘submit news’ button on the right panel when logged in);
  6. News feeds – For those who use news reader programs;
  7. A news archive;
  8. A ‘Materials’ section containing the BRIDGE resources – both Facilitator Notes (these can only be accessed once you have logged in to the site) and course resources;
  9. A forum – You need to log in twice to post messages to this area.  Log in to the front of the site and the log in again using the same username   and password when you click on the link ‘forum’;
  10. A world map that will display where past BRIDGE courses have been conducted.  It currently only displays where Train the Facilitator courses have been run;
  11. A media section that contains such things as photos of past courses, testimonials and footage of BRIDGE events;
  12. A newsletter section. If you don’t want to receive future newsletters, just go to the front page of the site and enter your details in the newsletter fields and click ‘unsubscribe’;
  13. BRIDGE course implementers can search the facilitator database by the fields entered in the registration form;
  14. Registered users can regularly update their profile – by logging in and  clicking the ‘edit my profile button’ on the right hand panel;

Once again, please re-register on the site if you are interested in being on the BRIDGE database or want to contribute to the development of the content of this site.

Should you have any suggested improvements to the site, please send them to either or



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