Newly recruited staff for CEC of Moldova get acquainted with Electoral Administration

20 February 2013

On 24-25 January 2013 the Central Electoral Commission of Moldova (CEC) with the support of UNDP Democracy Programme/Elections organized a BRIDGE workshop on Introduction to Electoral Administration for the CEC new staff. The workshop was financially supported by Sweden. The workshop was opened by CEC President, Dr Iurie Ciocan, followed by Ms Ros-Mari Balow, Counsellor/Head of Development Cooperation of the Sweden Embassy in Moldova, and Ms Narine Sahakyan , UNDP Deputy Resident Representative. All of them stressed the importance of BRIDGE modules in sharing knowledge and experience, institutional development and supporting transitional democracies. The training aimed at acquainting new electoral management body staff with electoral administration topics and at the same time as providing a relaxed environment for newcomers to get to know some longer term CEC staff. Twenty three persons attended the workshop, among them eight are newly recruited to the CEC, ten had been at the CEC for some time, three came from UNDP and one from IFES. The participants succeeded in building a dynamic team while learning about different electoral systems, electoral cycle periods, Moldovan legal framework as well as about various relevant international principles and standards to be followed. The two–day training was facilitated by Corneliu Pasat (CEC),lead facilitator, Iurie Ciocan (CEC), Mariana Musteata (CEC), Doina Bordeianu (CEC), Ludmila Birsa (CEC) and Kate Sullivan, UNDP Elections CTA acted as expert. All the participants enjoyed the BRIDGE methodology and had the opportunity to get to know their colleagues better while performing different practical activities or sharing views and experiences. UNDP jointly with CEC plan to organize more BRIDGE workshops in 2013 designed for different target groups: “Gender and elections” module for political parties and “Access to electoral processes” module – for CEC members and staff.

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