Political Financing Modular Workshop for ECP Officials

23 December 2019

By Natia Kashakashvili 

UNDP’s Strengthening Electoral and Legislative Processes (SELP) project provides technical assistance to support the institutional development of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the Senate and the National and Provincial Assemblies. The core focus of programme activities is developing the professional skills of the Honorable Members as well as the Secretariat officials to enhance the key functions of each institution. UNDP, jointly with ECP, has launched a comprehensive training programme for the capacity building of ECP officers across Pakistan; this training programme consists of Non-BRIDGE and BRIDGE training modules.

For the purpose of professional development of ECP Officers, UNDP, jointly with ECP, has conducted 3-day BRIDGE modular workshop on Political Financing during 16-18 October, 2019. The workshop was conducted at the premises of ECP’s Federal Election Academy. The workshop was facilitated by BRIDGE facilitators Natia Kashakashvili (accrediting level lead UNDP facilitator), Asif Ali Yasin (accrediting level ECP facilitator), Nazar Abbas (workshop level ECP facilitator), Naeem Ahmed (workshop level ECP facilitator), Qasim Janjua (workshop level UNDP facilitator). The workshop language was English; though due to the participants’ diversity, local facilitators were mainly facilitating sessions in Urdu.

The workshop was attended by 28 Election Officers across Pakistan Provincial and District offices. The objective of the workshop was to aware participants on how the Political Financing is regulated in elections from the global and local perspective.

The workshop agenda mainly concentrated on understanding the importance of regulating money in politics/elections and its impact on level playing field; the rest of the agenda was structured in a way to analyze all elements of regulations that are being considered under Political Financing. Throughout the workshop International IDEA Political financing database was used extensively.

Participants throughout the workshop have expressed interest and actively engaged in all the activities. Participants have very actively engaged in the comparative analysis of various countries legal frameworks of the Political Financing.

Participants have especially expressed their impression regarding the methodologies used for the feedback as well as other training techniques (including using the visual training tools/videos).

Throughout the workshop participants’ appreciation towards BRIDGE methodology was increasing. Participants have been asked to express their feedback regarding the sessions through the written evaluation sheets. Below is some written feedback from the participants expressed during workshop:

  • It’s a great way to learn during such group activities when one group first learns a topic and then teaches the other group. Especially it’s time saving as the two groups were assigned the same country/topic and two members from each group taught each other. In this way 4 countries were covered simultaneously in a very small amount of time, yet the knowledge was comprehensive.
  • Such trainings enhance our professional skills and technical aspects. Therefore, such trainings may be arranged and conducted in the future.
  • The time may be given more for this topic, as the content is difficult (global perspective needs more time) – but it was delivered the best.
  • Such lively workshops are necessary for all the officers of ECP, as it polishes them and specially develops confidence. It is a good step for the improvement of staff skills.
  • BRIDGE workshops were very much beneficial and way of communication and daily work is very much impressive.
  • Organization of the workshop was up to the mark and excellent. All the trainers and facilitators have done an excellent job and delivered to their best. Surely, this workshop shall have so much effect on us.
  • I really enjoyed the BRIDGE training. The knowledge was important but the manner in which it was disseminated was even more important. Energizers were fun and a valuable tool. Furthermore, I wish to participate in BRIDGE workshops as a facilitator/speaker.
  • I would like to thank all my senior officers and trainers who taught us professional manners and adopted latest strategy to enhance our skills during the training, especially when our trainers encouraged us to take part in presentations. I have never received this kind of training before during my entire service. Hence, we shall adopt to share these techniques with my colleagues to local office accordingly.

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