Post – Election Activities – Morogoro Tanzania

3 June 2016

The Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD) conducted a 4-Day BRIDGE Workshop on Post-election Activities Module at Glonency 88 Hotel, Morogoro, Tanzania, from 27th to 30th May, 2016. Political Parties representatives convened in semi-coastal and historic town of Morogoro, Tanzania to attend a BRIDGE modular training on Post-Election Activities. The participants were 11 women and 19 men. They were pulled from different Political Parties who are members of Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD). They included – CCM, CHADEMA, ACT-WAZALENDO, CUF and NCCR-Mageuzi. The facilitation team composed of Mr. Emmanuel Kawishe (Lead Facilitator) and Ms. Bernadetha Kafuko. The workshop was funded by Danish Institute for Parties

Democracy (DIPD).

The workshop introduced the participants to the BRIDGE learning methodology, which has a strong emphasis on adult learning techniques by capitalizing on individual experience, knowledge sharing and peer learning. Despite the fact that most participants were coming from more politically influenced environment, they quickly familiarized themselves with the BRIDGE methodology and excelled in participation.

The course was intended to serve a dual purpose: expose Political Party Staff to the Post-election activities, particularly to reflect and review the 2015 General Election Activities. Only 29 participants departed with a well-deserved certification of completion. Participants said they enjoyed each and every moment of the training and look forward to using BRIDGE methodology and training techniques in their training programs, specifically for reviewing the strategies, procedures, rules and codes of conduct of their parties.

The objectives of the course were achieved as participants acquired knowledge about reviewing electoral process and the semi-accredited facilitator has improved a lot in the field work and she is due to full accreditation in a near future.

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