Preparing for the May 2007 elections in Armenia

27 March 2007

The course, known as BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections) is the most comprehensive professional development course available in election administration. In January 2007, International IDEA and the CEC Armenia published the BRIDGE-Armenia Manual, focused specifically on Armenia’s election administration experiences and needs. Using real life examples, the BRIDGE-Armenia Manual seeks to build the capacity and professionalism of those involved in election administration. The course deals with guiding principles of election administration such as impartiality, accuracy and transparency.

Armenia: BRIDGE Trainers

The CEC Armenia will include the details of the newly accredited trainers-facilitators in its database. They, as well as other national and inter-governmental and NGOs in Armenia will be able to draw on these accredited trainer-facilitators in the future. Furthermore, IFES Armenia in cooperation with the CEC Armenia will be organizing training courses for precinct electoral commissioners all over Armenia prior to the May 12 parliamentary elections, and will recruit these newly accredited BRIDGE trainers for the course. At the end of the course 2 semi-accredited BRIDGE facilitators, both from Georgia completed their accreditation.

The Department of Political Science at the Slavonic University in Yerevan intends to establish a course on elections based on the BRIDGE-Armenia material and methodology.

On 15 March 2007 a presentation of the BRIDGE-Armenia Manual was held at the Slavonic University by International IDEA at the request of the University’ Rector.

On 26 February 2007 International IDEA started negotiations with the Minister of Education and Science of Armenia over the framework of the civic and electoral education component of the Institute’s project Development of sustainable democracy in Armenia. Cooperation, from April to December 2007, will include:

  1. developing a training manual for high school teachers in civic and electoral education;
  2. training about 20-25 teachers in civic and electoral education in Armenia in accordance with BRIDGE methodology and approach; and
  3. conducting pilot training courses in schools and civic institutions using the new material and methodology with high school pupils and young adults.
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