Promoting Change in Moldova!

16 May 2012

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Moldova and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) held two Political Financing workshops in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

The three day workshops on Political Financing were to: make participants aware about the key concepts and guiding principles underpinning political financing; acquaint them with international experience in political finance regulations; and facilitate a discussion about the proposed reforms in Moldovan legislation regulating financing of political parties and electoral campaigns.

The workshops were conducted on 25-27 April and 2-4 May. Twenty-nine people attended including six from the CEC, ten from political parties, and representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance, Court of Accounts, Fiscal Inspectorate, the Center for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime, the National Bank and domestic election observation organizations.

The workshops were opened by fully accredited BRIDGE facilitator and Chairman of the CEC of Moldova, Dr. Iurie Ciocan and IFES Moldova Country Director, Mr. Steven Gray. The workshops were facilitated by Pavel Cabacenco (IFES), Mariana Musteata (CEC), and Ludmila Birsa (CEC) in partnership with political finance experts Natalia Iuras (IFES) and Dr. Ciocan. The workshops were co-facilitated by semi-accredited facilitator, Mr. Stefan Uritu, CEC Vice-Chairman who performed in an excellent manner, with true BRIDGE spirit, and, became a fully accredited facilitator.

Participants enjoyed the workshops. In their evaluations, they highly rated both the content of the workshop and the way in which complicated material had been presented. As one of the participants said, “I never thought I would say that I like training on political finance, but now I say it, thank you, trainers and colleagues for your cooperation!” BRIDGE methodology provided opportunities to discuss difficult and sometimes sensitive subjects in an open and friendly manner. During the final evaluation of the workshop, Ludmila Birsa, CEC facilitator, said: “I liked the spirit of initiative in the groups and I confess I did not expect so much openness. All of you were great!”

The BRIDGE political financing workshops are part of the CEC and IFES effort to improve the legal framework of political party financing and promote reform in campaign financing legislation and practices in Moldova.

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