Regional TtF in Lebanon

10 July 2013

This BRIDGE workshop of Train the Facilitators (TtF) represents the second milestone of the Academy for International Development-Middle East’s efforts to create the first regional pool of qualified BRIDGE facilitators. This pool of qualified BRIDGE facilitators is expected to carry out the responsibility to provide BRIDGE workshops in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The first phase of AID-ME’s efforts to promote BRIDGE in the region started in January 2013 by sponsoring four BRIDGE workshops (module workshop) in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia. Participants of these four workshops were selected from 2400 women leaders in the four countries who will represent the first seed of the permanent regional election observation team in the Arab World.

Following the four successful BRIDGE workshops, 20 participants were selected to a regional TtF in Beirut, Lebanon from 16 to 25 May 2013..Each country was represented by three female participants from the Young Women Leadership program (aged 21-25 years) and two officials from the implementing organizations of YWL program in each country (NGO’s). Participants came from three different governorates in each of the four countries with a total number of twelve governorates to ensure equal geographic representation.

The objective of the regional TtF was to create a pool of qualified BRIDGE facilitators as a seed for regional BRIDGE team in the MENA region.

The training course concentrated on BRIDGE content and methodology Arabic materials of BRIDGE version II curriculum were used during the training sessions and as hand-outs for participants’ folder. In addition to these materials, the facilitation team produced new materials for new activities as well as new and updated background materials covering some of the course topics.

The facilitation team for the TtF was Hassan Hussein (Lead Facilitator), Samah Fathy and Nabil Shalby. The three facilitators brought together different dimensions to the workshop: international, election, democracy, governance and Human Rights experiences and provided a good mix of local, regional and international comparative knowledge

Participants of the TtF in Lebanon were very satisfied by the workshop and the majority of participants were keen to show their high interest and willingness to attend other BRIDGE workshops in order to obtain their full accreditation.

The following excerpts are from the participants’ final evaluation in response to a question on – what did you learn from this TtF workshop.

– “I got to learn how to effectively listen to others, surveying all the participants during the training”

– “Adaptability and above all I figured out a few deficits that I should work on in the future to enhance them”.

– “Working in team, facing challenges, how to motivate those I disagreed with to achieve a more general goal and enhance the teamwork”.

– “The importance of good and appropriate preparation for self-confidence during the presentation. I also learned about BRIDGE methodology, mechanism and the scope of the BRIDGE project”.

– “Now I am trained and get to know how to accept and adapt with different cultures”.

Participants List


1- Carolien Kamal

2- Aya Hussien

3- Sara Sabry

4- Ahmed A. Wahed

5- Magdy Fahmy


6- Munyra Khalaf

7- Orayb Abdel-Rahman

8- Sarah Bakr Al-Nasour

9- Shaden Al-Masry

10- Bady Suheayl


11- Fadi el-Jamal

12- Mohamed Baroudi

13- Mireille Ndayra

14- Afaf Faraj Khalil


15- Bouallegue Haifa

16- Moalla Mariem

17- Bouslah Yossra

18- Ahmed Allouch

19- Mouldi Ayari

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