Report on BRIDGE Strategic Planning Workshop, Sept. 9- 11 2018 Kathmandu, Nepal

6 December 2018

The Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) with support of its BRIDGE implementing partners (UNDP ESP, IFES and IDEA International) has successfully conducted a three-day BRIDGE Strategic Planning Workshop to its officials from September 9 to 11, 2018. The workshop was conducted at EEIC Hall of the ECN premises. It was inaugurated by the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Dr. Ayodhee Prasad Yadav. The workshop was attended by 24 participants, including 5 females. The workshop was attended by a Joint-Secretary, Under-Secretaries, Section Officers and District Election Officers. Mr. Antonio Spinelli, the Head of IDEA International for Nepal and South Asia, an also the Expert of Strategic Planning, led the Workshop as Strategic Planning Expert and was supported by BRIDGE facilitators of Nepal – Mr. Shanti Ram Bimali, Mr Surya Aryal, Ms Radhika Regmi, Ms Nikila Shrestha, Mr Chandra Siwakoti, Mr Kundan Das Shrestha from the ECN and implementing partners. On opening remarks, Chief Commissioner Dr. Yadav mentioned that the strategic planning is a management tool to equip election management body in order to plan and administer elections effectively and efficiently. He also stated that it is also known as a road map for the Election Commission which ultimately strengthens the institution.

Strategic Planning is a focused effort to produce decisions and actions that shape and guide what the election authority does, how it does and where it will be in future. The ECN is in the final year of the Second Strategic Plan (2015-19). The commission has successfully completed all three tiers of elections- local, provincial and federal in 2017. With the recommendations provided during the post-election review workshops in June 2018, it is right time for the ECN to initiate for drafting of new Strategic Plan. The objective of the workshop is to enhance the capacity of the ECN officials to formulate Third Strategic Plan (2019-23) of the ECN by providing theoretical concepts and clarifying practical steps involved in the overall process. Hence, the workshop on BRIDGE Strategic Planning was right on time as the ECN is in the stage of formulating¬†¬† Third Strategic Plan. The participants were ECN’s officials and most of them will be engaged in preparation of ECN’s Strategic Plan.

The program was well designed and well written by the Lead Expert Antonio Spinelli and all sessions were put in a sequential order. The theoretical part or the concept of each session was presented by the lead expert and the Nepali co-facilitators conducted relevant activities/ exercises.


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