Report on the BRIDGE Train the Facilitator (TtF) Course held in Nepal

23 August 2011

The Electoral Commission of Nepal – ECN in conjunction with International Foundation for Electoral Systems- IFES organised a BRIDGE Train-the-Facilitator (TtF) course on 27 June – 08 July 2011 in Godavari Village Resort at Lalitpur in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Nepal the famous home of Mount Everest and the Himalayas and the capital city Kathmandu is the city buzzing with rainbow people and a diversity of cultures. This project is one of many interventions by IFES with a purpose of strengthening the EMB of Nepal by developing capacity for the officials of the Commission for effective management of all Electoral processes and administrative activities. What made this particular TtF special was the fact that it was aimed at increasing the number of female facilitators in Nepal and it was also the first BRIDGE International course conducted in the country where officials from four countries outside of Nepal – Thailand, Cambodia, The Maldives and Philippines were invited to attend.

The ECN participants who attended the course form part of a contingent of trainers responsible for the training of election administrators at national, provincial and district level while the International participants attended the course with a purpose of introducing and conducting future BRIDGE courses in their respective countries. All participants were taken through an intensive programme which encompassed Facilitation Skills (Facilitation Methods and Techniques; Monitoring and Evaluation); Electoral processes; Electoral Stakeholders, Electoral Legislation and Operations through the different modules of BRIDGE. These officials represented various organisations such as Electoral Management bodies EMBs, women’s organisations, professional institutions and other NGOs. Two of the five partners of BRIDGE; IFES and UNDP were represented by four participants two from IFES – Cambodia & IFES Nepal and two from UNDP Nepal.

Over the past years a number of BRIDGE workshops have been conducted in Nepal by International and National Facilitators. These workshops funded by IFES and other BRIDGE partners; International IDEA and UNDP. These organisations are the major players in promoting democracy in Nepal through various interventions which include facilitating consultative forums and funding training and dialogues with different stakeholders including the EMB, Political Parties, government and Civil Society. In order to strengthen the ECN and to build capacity of the staff; BRIDGE was identified by the donor organisation in consultation with the ECN as the best resource in terms of the methodology and course content that meets the Commission’s needs for capacity development of the staff.

Facilitation and Administrative Team:

Four BRIDGE facilitators participated in the preparation and delivery of the course:

  1. Sibongile Zimemo (Consultant – South Africa – South African) – Accrediting and Lead Facilitator
  2. Shanti Ram Bimali (BRIDGE Office, Electoral Commission of Nepal – Nepalese) – Accredited Facilitator
  3. Katie Ryan (IFES Nepal Deputy Country Director – Scottish)- Accredited Facilitator 
  4. Surya  Aryal (Electoral Commission of Nepal – Nepalese) – Accredited Facilitator
  5. Leena Rikkila Tamang (International IDEA – Nepal – Finish)- Semi-Accredited Facilitator
  6. Shyam Sundar Sharma (Administrative Staff College of Nepal – Nepalese)- Accredited Facilitator
  7. Raj Bahadur Sapkota (BRIDGE Office – Administrative Assistant – Nepalese) 

The facilitation team consisting of three female facilitators and three male was balanced by a good combination of professional experience and diverse country background supported by the efficient administrative assistant Raju. The team provided a positive environment and established very good professional relationships with the participants and the positive spirit was maintained throughout the programme.

Twenty participants (16 Females and Four Males) participated in the workshop.

The countries and organisations represented were         

  1. Nepal  (ECN, IFES, UNDP, GEOC, NEOC, NEMA, Staff College & Pro Public)
  2. Thailand (Election Commission Thailand)
  3. Cambodia (IFES Cambodia)
  4. The Maldives (Election Commission Maldives)
  5. Philippines (Commissions on Elections Philippines)

The training workshop followed a typical structure of a TtF workshop. With 10 training days and 20 participants divided into 10 pairs during the first set and 7 pairs and 2 trios during the second set of paired presentations. The agenda followed the following framework (a full workshop agenda is attached to this report as Annexure 1) 

DAY1 & DAY2           Introduction to BRIDGE, methodology, KU, LO of TtF, Learning Styles and Training challenges and techniques.

DAY3 & DAY4           First set of pairs presentations

DAY 5& DAY6           Preparation for the second set of pairs presentations

DAY7 & DAY8           Second set of pairs presentations

Day 9                     BRIDGE Implementation, developing plans for BRIDGE implementation in participants Country/Regions/Districts, Individual evaluation.

DAY10                    Presentations of country/region/district BRIDGE plans, final group oral and written evaluation, closing ceremony and certificates.

Introduction to BRIDGE and ACE, I know politics and the Quota Project Websites.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Electoral Commission of Nepal for the great partnership and co-operation and the encouraging words during the opening and closing ceremonies; Chief Electoral Commissioner Mr. Neel Kantha Uprety; Mr. Kishor Thapa Secretary and Mr. Sharada Prasad Trital the joint secretary for Training and Voter Registration Department; IFES Nepal through the Country Director Mr Alan Wall for funding the project and the important work done by his office in creating an opportunity for the development of BRIDGE facilitators especially the women. The facilitators and the administration team for the sterling work displayed throughout the entire workshop. Last but not least the wonderful participants National and International who worked tirelessly throughout the 10days, I commend all of you for the hardwork and positive spirit demonstrated during the workshop.

Wishing you everything of the best in all your endeavours!


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