Strategic Planning for Electoral Management

11-14 August 2022


Thirty seven participants from the Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission (TPEC) participated in a workshop on Strategic Planning for Electoral Administration delivered by the United Nations Integrated Electoral Support Group (IESG), in Garowe, Puntland between 11 and 14 August 2022. Participants included Commissioners, Regional Chairpersons and the Secretariat. The workshop took place in the context of the TPEC’s efforts to enhance their knowledge in developing a strategic plan foreseen to guide the EMB’s work in the coming months. The workshop explored concepts and processes for TPEC’s strategic planning. Participants appreciated the workshop as it enhanced their knowledge in providing a systematic and structured roadmap to implementing TPEC’s mandate. 

The workshop was undertaken with support from Norway, Sweden and the USAID.

Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Electoral Management Body
Modules used at this workshop:
Strategic Planning for Electoral Managment
Expected Outcomes:
Provide Electoral Principles to Staff, Operational Training, Preparation for Electoral Event