Strategic Planning Workshop for SEC Republic of Macedonia

10 October 2013

The Strategic Planning Process (2014 – 2016) of the State Election Commission (SEC) of the Republic of Macedonia (SEC) was facilitated by two BRIDGE facilitators, Zage Filipovski and Ljupka Guguchevska. Both BRIDGE facilitators were coaching SEC staff (Chiefs of Sectors, Secretary General and State Advisers) through the planning process.

The process started by organizing individual meetings with heads of each of the Sectors of the SEC to explain the process, to share tasks and to get feedback from their work. Objective of the first working meeting on 5 September 2013 was to initiate evaluation of the achieved objectives in the previous strategic plan (2011-2013). Chiefs of Sectors were encouraged to prepare a report on the achieved strategic objectives in the previous period and clarification why some of the objectives were not achieved. After the meeting each Sector organized separate internal brainstorming workshop to collect ideas with their staff and to set priorities for the forthcoming period. Facilitators assisted in organizing those brainstorming sessions and helped them to prepare presentation.

Objective of the second working meeting on 17 September 2013 was to review the preparation and to identify some of the priority topics for discussion during the Strategic Planning Workshop. Based on this feedback the facilitators prepared final agenda designed in a way to enable each Sector and Unit to present their opinion and plans and to encourage discussion among the Staff and the Members.

On 23-25 September 2013 all SEC members and selected staff from each Sector gathered to evaluate previous period and to discuss details setting priority objectives for the 2014-2016. Outcomes of the workshop are the following:
– Drafted new more appropriate Vision and Mission Statements for the SEC;
– Introducing Electoral Cycle approach, Operational Planning and Financial Analysis in the Work of SEC;
– Identified need to review and to design new organizational set up and job descriptions for SEC staff;

Further it was agreed:
– To continue implementing ODIHR recommendations;
– To strengthen the newly established Voters Registration Sector, improving Voters List maintenance and building trust in its accuracy;
– To request a feasibility study for development and use of IT sector;
– To define Public Relations Strategy, to increase the use of internet and social media, to improve the design of the web site as a tool to communicate with the media and the citizens.

After the workshop, the facilitators will assist an appointed working group in drafting the final text of the Strategic Plan that will be presented to the SEC Members for official adoption.

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