Strategy and Addis Ababa!

25 April 2013

22 members of EMBs in Africa got together in Addis Ababa 8-12 April 2013 to share experiences and develop their capacity in the field of strategic and financial planning. The workshop was a result of the collaboration between the African Union and International IDEA and funded by the Australian Government through AusAID.
The countries represented were; Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, The Gambia, Uganda and Zanzibar.

The workshop focused on all steps in developing a strategic plan (including mission, vision, guiding principles, gap analysis and writing up the plan). We were also able to cover aspects of costing and funds management, ethical decision making, communication and reporting lines, procurement policies and monitoring and evaluation. The Democracy and Electoral Assistance Unit (represented by Kelechi Akubueze) visited the workshop on the third day to make a presentation about the role and mandate of the African Union in supporting the work of EMBs in Africa, which highlighted continental and regional instruments as well as the opportunities available for further capacity development of EMBs by requests to the DEAU.
In addition to using activities from the BRIDGE curriculum, participants shared specific problems in the area of reporting lines and we were able to use the workshop to allow the group to contribute to the solution of those specific problems – making the most use of the 157 years of experience represented in the room. The group was an exceptionally active and knowledgeable one, and made the work of the facilitators easy. We thank the funders and partners, and especially the heads of the EMBs for nominating these participants, and for giving them the opportunity to take time from their busy schedules to participate and contribute to the success of the workshop.
The team of facilitators was led by Sibongile Zimemo, and consisted of Ola Pettersson, Stina Larserud and Ochana Patrick. As a result of his hard work and successful contribution to this workshop, Ochana Patrick is now a fully accredited BRIDGE facilitator.

A few comments from the Participants…

 “BRIDGE should work on establishing electoral administration University” Thomas Wodar-Nigeria,
 “Excellent programm, collleagues, Accommodating facilitators” Aiah Ernest Sam-Sierraleone
 “Thank facilitators. Hope participants will implement the knowledge learnt” Salamatu Veronica – Sierraleone.
 “Grateful to BRIDGE for the opportunity to broaden my knowledge on election Administration” Sirri Hilda Ade – Cameroon
 “Grateful to BRIDGE especially facilitators” Josiah Joekai Jr – Liberia

Congratulations to Patrick Ochana for obtaining full accreditation subsequent to the successful completion of the fieldwork and to all participants for the successful completion of the course.

We wish you everything of the best in all your endeavours!

By Sibongile Zimemo and Stina Larserud


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