Strengthening Partner Relationships

26 November 2008


Collaboration and cooperation were on display for all to see when the partner meeting began – after the usual administrative requirements – the welcome, minutes, etc. IFES and UNDP made a joint presentation to the meeting about BRIDGE activities in the past year, currently in train and planning for the future. This was particularly rewarding to see as much of the “buzz” of the workshop was focussed on opportunities for partners and independents to work together wherever possible to implement BRIDGE to best advantage for countries and regions alike. IDEA and the AEC also made presentations to the meetings about the conduct of past, present and future BRIDGE.


Planned development and restructuring of the BRIDGE website was the subject of a presentation and discussion as was the ‘D’ & ‘G’ of BRIDGE – the Civic Education Development Project. This was followed by the presentation of recommendations to the partners.  The meeting concluded with a closed decision-making section where Partners deliberated on plans for the future.



BRIDGE Partners


A fabulous workshop and meeting was had by all and ‘farewells'(until we meet again) abounded. BRIDGE everywhere was enhanced by this excellent gathering of enthusiastic and dedicated members of the BRIDGE family.

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