The First BRIDGE Implementation Workshop

18 December 2006

The course started with an explanation of what BRIDGE is and was followed by each respresentative outlining their intended future plans of how BRIDGE may be used for their organisation, country or region. 


Ms Goudie, Ms Manu, Mr Scholte, Mr Taitano, Mr Tooki, Mr John, Mr Yobeth, Mrs Donre, Ms Decherong, Mr Sisikefu, Mr Kevu, Mr Iro, Mr Kalo, Mr Malessas, Mr Morris, Mr Mageo, Mr Joseph, Ms Lunge, Mrs Vagi, Ms Harihiru, Ms Sing, Mrs Moss, Mr Matalau, Mr Legge, Ms Bolenga, Ms Sen, Mr Faimanu, Ms Chan, Mr Attrill, Mr Murray


The course was based on the BRIDGE Implementation Manual and as such the topics covered ranged from the initial needs assessment to the final evaluation and reporting of courses.  Other activities included the project design, financial planning, material collation and how to best utilise the BRIDGE website.


This type of Implementation Workshop is recommended for potential BRIDGE project managers considering setting up a BRIDGE Project of a size that includes a Train the Facilitator program component and multiple professional development modules. The growing demand for BRIDGE courses will undoubtedly mean that it will not be too long before the next one is run.

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