The First BRIDGE Train the Facilitator Program for Kenya EMB staff

29 September 2011

The International Institute for Democracy and Election Assistance (International IDEA) and the Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) of Kenya signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the key objective of providing capacity for election practitioners in the election administration body of Kenya in preparation for the forthcoming elections scheduled for December 2012 and beyond. To this effect, the first BRIDGE course, Train-the-Facilitator (TtF) was conducted from 05-16 September, 2011 at Utalii Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

This project is one of a series of interventions planned for by the IIEC and International IDEA to strengthen administrative capacity, enhance transparency and promote sharing of ideas on a cross-section of election administration programmes. A total of twenty-four (24) Kenyan participants attended the course.

The course was jointly funded by the International IDEA, United Nations Development Program (undp) and the IIEC covering accommodation, facilitator fees, subsistence and travel.

BRIDGE Train-the-Facilitator Course is a 10-day training workshop designed to train participants on the BRIDGE curriculum content while its main objective is to train participants on effective facilitation skills, different techniques and expertise on how to conduct training effectively in an adult learning environment. Upon successful completion of the course the participants receive partial accreditation (Semi-Accreditation Certificate), which is a prerequisite for conducting BRIDGE training courses.

The TtF, like all other BRIDGE courses is based on the BRIDGE Election Administrator’s Training Curriculum which is a comprehensive training programme developed by International IDEA together with the United Nations Electoral Assistance Division (UNEAD), the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). BRIDGE is unique in the field of electoral training due to the breadth of its scope, the practical nature of the content as well as the innovative use of dynamic adult teaching methodology

Facilitating team

The following BRIDGE Facilitators participated in the preparation and delivery of the course:

4.1. Corneille Yobeluo Nangaa (DRC), IFES Accrediting Facilitator (Lead)

4.2. Koki Muli (Kenya) Expert Facilitator.

4.3. Tomsie P. Dlamini (South Africa) Workshop Facilitator

The team was enriched by a combination of professional, in-depth election experience with diverse country backgrounds. The facilitation team kept participants mesmerised by the various approaches in delivering the course material which created a positive adult learning environment

Participants –

A total of twenty four (24) participants were drawn from all the regional offices. These included Regional and Constituency Election Coordinators. Of the twenty four participants, five were female.

The participants expressed their gratitude in the manner in which the course was delivered including the relevance of the content. What excited them most was adapting concepts to the Kenyan situation. They committed to be BRIDGE ambassadors and to turn around the negative perceptions of IIEC resulting from the disastrous 2007. All participants expressed enthusiasm and demonstrated commitment throughout the training sessions.

Course Agenda and Content

The training workshop was conducted from Monday, 05 to Friday 16 September 2011. The official opening was scheduled for Monday, 05 September, 2011 at 08h30. However, this was moved to Wednesday, 07 September, 2011. The Chief Executive Officer and the out-going Deputy CEO as well as the Human Resources Director, graced the official opening while  Ms. Koki Muli, was delivered a speech on behalf of International IDEA, the funders of the programme.

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