The first joint Train the Facilitator workshop between ISIE and HNEC

27 March 2015


The first joint Train the Facilitator workshop between ISIE and HNEC, funded by EU and implanted by UNEST and UNDP Tunisia, 24 participants 12 from each commission attended a BRIDGE TtF workshop in Hammamet from 1st March until 11th March 2015.

Six BRIDGE facilitators participated in the preparation and delivery of this TtF:

  1. Shuhub Alhashmi – UNEST BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator
  2. Anan Sorri – UNEST Workshop Facilitator
  3. Bassam Alyaseri – UNEST BRIDGE Accrediting Facilitator.
  4. Dora Tanfous – ISIE BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator
  5. Emna Zghonda – UNDP BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator
  6. Hedi Trabelsi – ISIE Semi accredited BRIDGE Facilitator

All TtF participants worked hard in preparing and delivering their sessions earning their semi accreditation by the end of the workshop.

It was a good opportunity for Mr Hedi Trabelsi to earn his full accreditation as BRIDGE workshop facilitator.

BRIDGE has the potential to trigger change at an organizational level: broader understanding of an organization, morale, and cohesion within the organization. The workshop encourage participants to reflect on bettering their organization, providing comparative examples and alternative approaches, generating blueprints or support for organizational reform.

The workshop atmosphere was very pleasant while receiving participants’ positive feedback and eagerness to know more about each aspect covered during the workshop. Participant evaluations applauded the BRIDGE methodology and the comparative nature of the curriculum. There was significant interest to learn more about many of the topics covered, particularly international standards, gender and elections, accessibility, public outreach and electoral systems. Among key comments participants mentioned was about distinguished BRIDGE interactive methodology, the value placed on their own experiences, and respect of their opinion. Most of the participants had little knowledge about the topics covered during the course, a result of limited collective election experience in Libya and Tunisia to date. The participants were excited about being able to observe how very similar systems can produce very different results.

Shuhub Najeeb “This workshop in particular took me back me to eight years ago, as I was honored to participate in the first Arabic TtF in 2007 as a workshop facilitator.  At that time, our facilitation team managed to include three or four Arabic modules only.  This was done with great efforts and long hours of work reviewing the translated documents which we were receiving in batches by email on a daily basis during the preparation phase.”

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