The PIANZEA Network Fifth Bienniel Workshop

13 May 2007

Also attending for the first time was Mr Paul Bengo, the PNG Registrar of Political Parties. The Political Party Registrar was inducted as a new member of the Network at the conclusion of the Workshop.


BRIDGE Activity

BRIDGE Activity

This is now the third PIANZEA Workshop that has used BRIDGE methodology and incorporated BRIDGE activities into a conference format. The PIANZEA Workshop uses a mixture of methods to conduct its meeting including panel presentations, guest speakers, small group work, practical demonstrations and activity based learning. A large part of the meeting used activities from the BRIDGE Boundary Delimitation module to introduce the topic of delimiting electoral boundaries to the Workshop delegates.

Following the PIANZEA Workshop a two day BRIDGE Electoral Systems course was conducted in Port Vila for PIANZEA members who were able to stay on after the Workshop. The course was Facilitated by Dr Helena Catt, Chief Executive Officer of the NZ Electoral Commission, Stina Larserud from International IDEA and Ross Attrill from the AEC’s International Services. At the completion of the course Dr Catt and Ms Larserud were fully accredited as BRIDGE Facilitators. Evaluations for the course were very positive with one participant saying “they hoped to make improvements on their own system as a result [of the course]”.

Congratulations Stina and Helena!


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