Third Out-of-Country Voting BRIDGE workshop organized in Moldova

20 October 2011

Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Moldova held an External Voting BRIDGE workshop on 5-7-th October, 2011. It has been a third Out-of-Country Voting workshop organized by CEC during the last year. Constant need of training is explained by the fact that Moldova doubled the number of its polling stations abroad and for the last three years is staying in a permanent “early elections” mode.

This time the training was facilitated by a team of CEC staff members, all – BRIDGE workshop facilitators: Dr. Doina Bordeianu (lead facilitator), Mrs. Mariana Musteata and Mr. Corneliu Pasat. It was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, staff and members of the Central Electoral Commission, Chisinau district electoral officials.

The workshop was a real success in terms of experience sharing between the participants and interest shown for the discussed topics. Facilitators managed to meet participants’ expectations to combine international experience with local theory and practice.

One of the concrete results of the BRIDGE workshop was identification of problems encountered during past election abroad and of the possible solutions based on the Moldovan practice and international experience. CEC will continue working with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in order to improve the electoral practices and procedures of Out-of-Country Voting.

External Voting BRIDGE workshop was financed by UNDP Moldova through its project “Electoral Support to Moldova“.

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