Three module workshops in Rwanda

31 January 2012

The Rwanda National Electoral Commission (NEC) in conjunction with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organised three BRIDGE module workshops on Electoral Systems, Civic Education and Polling, Counting and Results from 16-25 January 2012 for 20 officers. This initiative is one of many interventions by the UNDP with a purpose of strengthening the Electoral Management Body by developing capacity for the officials of the Commission for effective management of all electoral processes and administrative activities. The workshops were conducted after a BRIDGE Introduction to Electoral Administration Course which was held in June 2011 attended by 20 officers from the NEC selected from the headquarters, provinces and districts. The workshops were facilitated by Rindai Chipfunde Vava of Zimbabwe, the lead facilitator and Harris Potani of Malawi, the co-facilitator.

There were 20 participants consisting of 13 males and 7 females. The departments that participated were Civic Education, Human Resources, Provincial Coordinators and Zone Coordinators. Half of the group of participants have just been recruited and the workshops provided a better understanding and sharing of the practical issues in the Rwandan context. Participants exchanged information, experiences and practices among themselves and with the facilitators. The experience, content knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by all participants throughout the workshop contributed to the achievement of the aims of the training. The workshops will undoubtedly assist them in their work.

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