Train the Facilitator for Zimbabwe electoral stakeholders

10-19 June 2024


Twenty representatives from Chapter 12 Commissions – the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC), Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC), and Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) – as well as UN Women and key ZESN staff members gathered in Harare, Zimbabwe, for a BRIDGE Training the Facilitators (TtF) workshop from 10 to 19 June 2024. The workshop aimed to develop skills in facilitation techniques, promote knowledge on how to utilize BRIDGE resources and methodologies for electoral capacity-building programs and enable partial accreditation as BRIDGE facilitators. This would qualify them to deliver BRIDGE workshops in the future in Zimbabwe. Among the participants, fourteen were women.

The facilitation team consisted of Zefanias Matsimbe (Lead Facilitator), Rindai Chipfunde Vava (Accrediting Facilitator), Abdijalil Tahr Korshel (Workshop Facilitator), and one TtF Complete Facilitator. During the workshop, the participants were introduced to the BRIDGE learning methodology, which focuses on adult learning techniques such as leveraging individual experiences, sharing knowledge, and peer learning. The participants quickly grasped the BRIDGE methodology and excelled in facilitating sessions and delivering ice-breakers and energizers. It was rewarding for the facilitator team to witness the growth and development of each participant over the 10-day training. All twenty participants received well-deserved TtF Complete Certificates and expressed their intentions to pursue full accreditation by organizing BRIDGE modular training in Zimbabwe. These intentions were strongly supported by the leadership of both ZESN and ZEC, who were present at the opening and closing of the workshop.

The participants clearly valued the training, with many describing it as a “life-changing experience”. They thoroughly enjoyed every training moment and are eager to apply the BRIDGE methodology and training techniques in their respective organizations, particularly in this post-electoral period. One important aspect that emerged from the feedback was the significance of positive feedback in boosting confidence and improving facilitation skills. Both ZESN and ZEC are commended for selecting participants with the potential to become BRIDGE facilitators.

Zefanias Matsimbe, Rindai Chipfunde Vava, ABDIJALIL TAHR KORSHEL
Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Electoral Management Body, Civil Society Organisation, Non Government Organisation
Modules used at this workshop:
Train the Facilitator (TTF)
Expected Outcomes:
Professional Development of Staff