Train the Facilitator in Egypt

21 January 2009

The BRIDGE TtF workshop has been facilitated by a facilitation team that comprised three level 1 experienced BRIDGE facilitators (Wael Al Farag, Emad Yousef and Ossama Kamel). Having worked in different countries in the region and worldwide, and conducted many TtF and BRIDGE workshops in different set ups, the three facilitators have brought an important comparative dimension which proves to be essential in any TtF training.

The facilitation team has been assisted in all workshop phase: preparation, conducting the training, and evaluation by the BRIDGE program assistant Iman Wanis who took the responsibility of communicating with the project partners, facilitators, and participants. As well as ensuring all logistical needs are met at the required level.

The workshop was held from Sunday 23 November to Wednesday 02 December 2008 in Ein Sokhna Resort – Egypt and was attended by 13 participants – 3 females and 10 males, 12 of them are Egyptians and one from Palestine.

Group activity



The below TtF Learning Outcomes were achieved by conducting several activities during the duration of the workshop. Most of those activities were conducted by the participants themselves. Participants felt that they are responsible for their own learning and they confirmed that this methodology is more effective in conveying the messages to the participants and achieving the following TtF learning outcomes.

  1. Encourage all participants of any BRIDGE Project workshop to work effectively in teams.
  2. Facilitate the BRIDGE Project using a range of adult learning and participatory teaching methods.
  3. Promote and foster a positive learning environment.
  4. Plan and organise the effective delivery of the BRIDGE Project.
  5. Communicate effectively the key understandings and learning outcomes of the BRIDGE Project in a cross-cultural environment.
  6. Monitor the progress of participants during workshop activities.
  7. Apply a variety of evaluation techniques.
  8. Adapt the BRIDGE Project materials to meet the specific needs of the participants of BRIDGE Project workshops.

 During the first three days of the workshop, the training concentrated on BRIDGE content and methodology, TtF Learning Outcomes, and participants learned various facilitation skills that are key in any BRIDGE training.

The training covered also adults learning principles and the different teaching techniques used in BRIDGE. Furthermore, various workshop monitoring and evaluation techniques were covered.

During day 4 and 5, participants worked in pairs of two and they prepared and presented to the whole group BRIDGE materials that were assigned to them by the facilitators. The group and the facilitators then evaluated the facilitation skills of the presenters and gave a positive feedback to help the presenters gain confidence and improve their facilitation skills.

During day 6 and 7, participants again worked in pairs of two and were tasked to develop and write training materials and present it to the whole group. The facilitators and the whole group evaluated the material that was written by the pair as well as gave a positive feedback on their facilitation skills.

During day 8 and 9, participants were introduced to how to plan and organize the effective delivery of BRIDGE project. The following topics were covered:

  1. BRIDGE showcasing and building support to conduct bridge.
  2. Training needs assessment.
  3. Design the workshop materials.
  4. Logistical and administrative arrangements.
  5. Deliver the workshop.
  6. Evaluate the workshop.

Participants received the below workshop materials all translated into Arabic:

  1. Participant’s folder that contains two BRIDGE modules (Voter Information and Pre-electoral activities).
  2. Facilitator’s Manual.
  3. BRIDGE Implementation Manual.
  4. Participant’s Handbook. 

Participants filled out daily evaluation sheets for the first two days as well a final evaluation at the end of the workshop. The following are excerpts from the participants’ evaluation sheets in response to a question on what did you learn from this TtF workshop:   

  • Working in teamwork, facing challenges, how to motivate those I disagreed with to achieve a more general goal.
  • Adapting with different cultures
  • Adaptability and above all I figured out few deficits that I should work on in the future to ameliorate them.
  • Positive and interactive participation, the importance of working in a team, training and training means should be divers using different evaluating techniques, motivating the participants and the ability to prepare a good material.
  • Self-confidence, regularity, writing of content and presenting it.
  • How to well prepare for a training session, how to use other tools to help during the training, knowing different ways to energize the participants, how to evaluate a training session.
  • I learned a lot of things on how to train and easily communicate information. I also learned about training challenges and how to avoid them, how to use BRIDGE as a good and effective training methodology.
  • How to listen to others, surveying all the participants during the training, the importance of good preparation for self-confidence during the presentation. I also learned about BRIDGE philosophy, mechanism and the scope of this project.

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