Train the Facilitators, 6-17 Sept 2015, UNDP funded for HNEC

6 October 2015



Collaborating with the High National Election Commission in Libya (HNEC), UNDP has organized and funded the second BRIDGE TtF workshop for HNEC staff. Twenty Two participants from across Libya attended this workshop that took place on 06 -17 September 2015 in the Tunisian capital, five out of the participants were women.

Five BRIDGE facilitators participated in the preparation and delivery of this TtF:

1. Anan Sorri (UNDP BRIDGE accrediting facilitator)

2. Hafiz Mohammed Kheir (UNSMIL, BRIDGE workshop facilitator)

3. Noor Tawil (UNSMIL, Semi Accredited BRIDGE facilitator)

4. Riyadh M. Burshan (HNEC, Semi Accredited BRIDGE facilitator)

5. Shuhub Ahmad Najib (UNDP, BRIDGE accrediting facilitator)

This TtF is one in a series of capacity development activities planned by UNDP in 2015 for HNEC staff.

HNEC Participants smoothly engaged and responded to the BRIDGE adult learning methodologies. They all reacted positively to the materials and understood the facilitator’s role in a comprehensive, enthusiastic and energetic manner since day one of the workshop.

All Participants received their certificates as BRIDGE Semi-Accredited Facilitators.

It is worth noting that UNDP and HNEC had planned and implemented two TtF workshops in 2015. A total of thirty-three participants attended, nine of them were women, whereas two moved to the next step to become workshop facilitators so far.

Striving to continue efforts to develop the capacity of HNEC staff as well as other electoral stakeholders, UNDP and HNEC have been looking forward to organizing more BRIDGE workshops facilitated by HNEC staff. The plan is to include some of them in the next BRIDGE module workshops as per the development plan for the remaining months of 2015.

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