Trainers Learn to Interact

22 July 2006

She said the course taught 18 participants from around the Pacific that both trainers and participants should play active roles during training. “We are so used to the trainer always explaining everything and the participants listening to what was said and working on it.The issues learnt at the course has enlightened us as trainers to fully understand and utilise the resources availiable participants to fully understand what was being taught” Ms Natau said.

Participants at the TtF held in Suva during July 2006


BRIDGE Activity

She said it was a new and positive way of training that was active, interactive and enjoyable.Mrs Natau said the new sessions should see modes of training change. BRIDGE faciltator Jeanette Bolenga said the course was held once every year and it trained trainers involved in the elections to become good trainers and facilitators.She said this year they developed 10 modules to help participants with their two-week seminar, including an introduction to electoral administration, electoral systems, public outreach, boundary delimitation, registration of voters, contestants, preparation for the electoral event, polling and the count, electoral observers and strategies for sustainability.  Mrs Bolenga said it was a worthwhile project that saw a lot of facilitators and trainers learn new ways to improve training in their own countries. The session continues next week at the Tanoa Plaza in Suva.

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