TtF Khartoum – Sudan December 2010

2 June 2011

International IDEA-Sudan has organised the BRIDGE Train the Facilitator (TtF) workshop in Khartoum, between December 12 -23, 2010. The TtF targeted senior political parties trainers representing 30 Sudanese political parties.

The workshop offered an opportunity for participants to develop and share skills and knowledge on election management training and received semi-accreditation as BRIDGE facilitators. In future programming, the project organisers will make that participants are given the opportunity to peruse their full accreditation as BRIDGE facilitators

The aim of the Train the Facilitator (TtF) workshop is to accredit a high-quality group of Facilitators for the BRIDGE Project. Hence, increasing the pool of accredited regional BRIDGE facilitators, and enabling Sudanese political parties to use BRIDGE methodology and the associated materials: BRIDGE and the Party Development Program, as a sustainable capacity development tool.


  1. Emad Yousef (Independent- Jordan)
  2. Ossama Kamel (Independent- Egypt)
  3. Mohammad Alfeelabi (Independent- Sudan)
  4. Laila Osman (PPAC- Sudan)


34 participants representing thirty political parties, UNMIS, Political Parties Council (PPAC) attended the workshop.

The TtF concluded the Sudanese political party development program activities that included BRIDHE and BRIDGE style activities among many other activities between 2009-2010.

The workshop showed growing interest in BRIDGE both in institutions as well as among political parties. NEC and UNMIS and other are engaging with BRIDGE with future plans for BRIDGE programs.

Participants were asked to assess their training needs and to design a BRIDGE implementation framework in their respective parties. This should indicate the way ahead for the project partners in the near future.

An important issue to take in consideration, and to build in 2011 planning, is to provide the TtF participants with opportunities to pursue their full accreditation.


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