TtF Ukraine

7-18 November 2022


This TtF is like the “Golden Ticket” in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. It’s one and nobody has the right to miss such a chance. I am really glad that I had such an opportunity. In addition to the new knowledge and skills received from the lead facilitators, I got great new acquaintances, as well as positive emotions, fun and joy.

TtF Ukraine participant Oleh P.

The conduct of the TtF Ukraine reflects how democratic processes can be valued, how committed and dedicated Ukrainian people and those working in the field of the Elections are. Implementation of BRIDGE in Ukraine represents one of the best examples of the structural approach of using BRIDGE as the capacity building tool. Therefore, with the aim to widen the pool of accredited BRIDGE facilitators, IFES Ukraine and joint IFES-CEC Election Training Management Center, with the financial support of USAID, MFA CANADA, UKAID and in partnership with the Central Election Commission of Ukraine held Train the Facilitator (TtF) workshop during 7-18 November, 2022 in Yaremche, Ukraine. Twenty participants (twelve female and eight male) representing CEC, CSOs and IFES attended the workshop.

The TtF workshop was facilitated by accrediting level facilitators Natia Kashakashvili, Evgeniy Krikopolo, Yevheniia Pavlovska, Alona Sheshenia and Anna Denis. The facilitators started preparation for the workshop two months in advance and the organizational matters were excelled by Olha Sharaienko, IFES Senior Administrative Assistant (whose support throughout the two weeks is invaluable). The facilitation team bond is one of the best examples of how BRIDGE facilitators support each other, care about their participants and always look up for the further excellence.

The TtF workshop was conducted in a very friendly atmosphere that was felt throughout the workshop; the feedback extended to each other were highly beneficial and valuable; TtF participants managed to master various training techniques as well as to develop new materials/curriculum. Energizers/ice-breakers conducted by the TtF participants were all enjoyable and educative.

TtF participants have grown to enjoy the TtF on daily basis; the outcome of this TtF is unforgettable; TtF participants – full of optimism, the hope and eagerness to acquire new skills – have triggered the facilitation team to support them with more energy. Participants did not stop loading us with their impressions regarding the workshop:


“Train the facilitator” BRIDGE workshop became a transition to a new level for me. This training is about elections and choices, about the power of knowledge and the ability to transfer this knowledge to others. It is about the importance of democracy and building a democratic society. The acquired knowledge and skills are especially relevant now for Ukrainians, we will use this knowledge to build a new Ukraine after the victory.

TtF Ukraine participant Svitlana F.

“Interesting, useful, affordable, professional and exciting! The BRIDGE methodology is adult learning in the electoral field at its best – it’s like real magic for those who study and teach.

TtF Ukraine participant Vitalina D.”

“I am delighted with learning! It was ideally organized event both in its format and content. For me this training became a point of growth. By carrying out practical tasks, I have understood what needs to be worked on to improve my professional skills. In addition, I managed to significantly expand the range of techniques and energizers that I will use during the trainings. I especially value the training atmosphere, which has dominated throughout the two weeks. In such an environment it is pleasant to communicate, useful to learn and it is impossible not to grow. I am glad to join the friendly and professional BRIDGE family!

TtF Ukraine participant Anton K.”


TtF Ukraine 2022 will always represent an example of how BRIDGE can unite committed persons for a better future. 

Alona Sheshenia, Anna Denis, Evgeniy Krikopolo, Natia Kashakashvili, Yevheniia Pavlovska
Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Civil Society Organisation, Electoral Management Body, Non Government Organisation, Observers
Modules used at this workshop:
Expected Outcomes:
Professional Development of Staff