Two Back to Back Module Training in Neighboring Provinces

3 November 2011

Since the conduct of the Module Training in Lombok in May 2011, the Indonesia General Election Commission (KPU) and the AEC BRIDGE program has come into a full speed.  Only few days after the Lombok training, the next Module Training soon started in Bandung, West Java, this time hosted by the KPU West Java Province and the AEC. The training was held in Bandung on June 7-10, 2011.

The facilitators in charge for the Bandung training were Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah of KPU West Java Province, Udi Prayudi of KPU Bali Province, Djidon De Haan of KPU NTT Province, and 2 KPU central secretariat staff Marcus Chrisdiom, and Farah Novita. Two other facilitators, Sahruni Hasna of the KPU central and Mareska Mantik of the AEC were tasked to fully observe the flow of the sessions during the training in order to ensure that the Facilitators Notes has been clearly written and easily understandable especially to the new or less experienced facilitators.

There were 26 participants of the training that came from KPU West Java district and municipality, from other provinces: Bali, NTT, DKI Jakarta, Lampung, and Central Java Province, and 1 AEC staff.

As for the modules, the Indonesia BRIDGE customized modules were delivered: the Introduction to Electoral Administration, Strategic and Financial Planning, Voter Registration, and Voter Information.

The high spirited facilitators combined with highly enthusiast participants contributed to a very dynamic and yet competitive learning environment. Boosted by Udi Prayudi in the group debate during the session on Voter Registration has completely lightened up the positive competitiveness between the groups! The participants therefore prefer to remain in the same groups should another debate occur in other given session. Such competitiveness was maintained by the participants throughout the 4 days training, which is significantly contributed to their high level of energy while attending all the sessions.

At the end Bandung Module Training, there were many participants inquiring about how they can become BRIDGE facilitator. Being exposed to the BRIDGE method and the dynamic learning environment it has created made them keenly interested to learn more, while pledging that they will definitely start using the method back in their workplace in any chance they could.

As for the Module Training in Jakarta, it started on June 15 until the 18th, 2011. The preparation days for the facilitator, which was on June 13-14, 2011, starts the next day after the evaluation day for Bandung Module Training.

The facilitators for the training are Mareska Mantik of the AEC as the accrediting facilitator, Kelly Mariana of KPU Sumatera Selatan Province, M. Najib of KPU DIY Province, Dahlia Umar of KPU DKI Jakarta, and 2 KPU central secretariat staff: Emil Satria Tarigan and Kadar Setyawan.

The participants attended the training, a total of 26, were from KPU DKI Jakarta municipalities, representatives from KPU DIY, Central Java, Sulawesi Selatan, and Sumatera Selatan Provinces, and KPU central secretariat staff.

Again, the same customized modules were delivered to the participants.

Although 3 of the 5 facilitators were new, the sessions of the 4 days training were done excellently. As some of the participants were saying, not only that the subject of the modules attracts them, but also how the facilitation skills of the facilitator drawn them into the learning process.

At the end of both trainings, Farah Novita was accredited by Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah in Bandung Module Training, and Mareska Mantik accredited Dahlia Umar, Emil Satria Tarigan, and Kadar Setyawan after the Jakarta Module Training.

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