Two-day BRIDGE Gender & Elections workshop in Beirut

15 December 2016

UNDP Lebanese Elections Assistance Project (LEAP) implemented an EU funded two-day BRIDGE Gender & Elections workshop in Beirut from December 06 – 07, 2016. Thirty-one participants from different civil society, political parties and UNDP LEAP participated in the training course.

The facilitation team comprised four facilitators who participated in the preparation and delivery of this course:

  1. Guilnard Asmar (LEAP BRIDGE semi-accredited facilitator)
  2. Nora Mourad (LEAP BRIDGE semi-accredited facilitator)
  3. Nazih Darwish (LEAP facilitator)
  4. Ossama Kamel (Independent BRIDGE expert facilitator)

Mr. Dan Radulescu, Chief Technical Advisor of LEAP project delivered the opening speech for the workshop. He stressed on the fruitful partnership between the LEAP project and different electoral stakeholders, mainly the civil society organizations.

The Head of Cooperation / Charge d’Affaires at the EU delegation in Lebanon Dr. Alexis Loeber and the UNDP Assistant Resident Representative Mr. Edgard Chehab participated in the closing ceremony and distribution of certificates.

The results of the workshop were:

  • Increased Knowledge and awareness of the scope of Temporary Special Measures 
  • Capacity building to advocate for affirmative actions and Temporary Special Measures 
Audience(s) for this workshop:
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