UN Women extends its BRIDGE programme to a rural community in Solomon Islands

15 April 2011

UN Women’s Gender Equality in Political Governance (GEPG) programme ended another successful awareness programme using BRIDGE’s Gender and Election module from 4th – 8th April, 2011.   The five days awareness programme was held in rural Tatamba community, Isabel Province and was led by four BRIDGE facilitators:  Milligan Pina from the Isabel Provincial Government (Workshop facilitator), Audrey Manu from UN Women (Accrediting Facilitator), Noel Standbae from the Solomon Islands National Council of Women (Semi-accredited) and Alister Teddy from UN Women (Semi-accredited).    

The participants to the awareness workshop were mainly from Tatamba community and range from sixty years old to the youngest of about sixteen years old.  Participants consist of women leaders, youths, community leaders, church leaders, retired public servants, provincial government employees and ordinary residents of Tatamba community.  Altogether, about 30 participants attended each day of the awareness programme.

The five days awareness was much appreciated by the Tatamba community as this was the first time for the community to learn about the principles of electoral issues, gender equality in relation to elections and electoral systems and the different international agreements governments signed up to.  Many positive feedback and requests to conduct more BRIDGE trainings in other communities were received from the participants.  It was especially pleasing to see village participants actively engaged and contributed well in all sessions. Facilitators also displayed their creativity skills using various activities and methods to ensure that the participants at the village level understands and grasps the content of the topics presented.

UN Women’s Gender Equality in Political Governance (GEPG) Programme is a five year programme and is committed to delivering its capacity building activities using BRIDGE methodology to assist women and relevant stakeholders.   

You can also read Alister’s account of being a BRIDGE facilitator here


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