Workshop at Huye, Rwanda on Electoral Contestants

23 November 2016



The National Consultative Forum of Political Organizations (NFPO) in collaboration with National Electoral Commission and financial support of UNDP has conducted a BRIDGE Module workshop at Huye, Rwanda on electoral contestants, from 12th – 16th/November /2016. Twenty six (26) political party representatives from different Political parties organizations whereby 13 women and 13 men attended the workshop.

The workshop was conducted due to the demand of National Consultative Forum of Political Organization to increase the knowledge of participants about electoral principles, structures and process as they affect party and candidates representatives. The workshop was also organized to demonstrate the nature of political contest to enable its management as well as enhancing their relationship with the National Electoral commission.

Since the participants were new to this kind of workshop, the training intended to make them familiar with BRIDGE methodologies and materials which have been used during workshop. The commonly used methodologies were participatory, roles players, group work and presentations from groups. These methodologies helped the participants to be active, and owning the course and teamwork sprit.

The training was facilitated by Ms MUSEKEWEYA Gloriose, Ms KANSANGA Olive and Mr. NDUWIMANA Pacifique, all facilitators are employees of the National Electoral Commission.

The workshop was opened by Mr. BURASANZWE Oswald the Executive secretary of National Consultative Forum of Political organization and closed by Mr. Stephen Rodriques the UNDP country representative.

Basing on the participants daily evaluation their feedback on the module delivered content and the facilitators presentations was highly appreciated, participant’s evaluation demonstrated a desire for attending more BRIDGE workshops in future since this will help them to be able to participate in electoral process with sufficient knowledge mainly in campaign activities.

Module objectives were achieved and all participants were awarded certificates of completion.

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