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8 Apr

Building Excellence in Elections Part II: NEC Liberia

8 April - 12 April


The 2023 Liberia Elections were considered exemplary in many aspects and most of all by the NEC Liberia’s efficient conduct and peaceful transfer of power. The NEC Liberia’s commitment to Building Institutional Excellence continues through further dwelling on all nuances of the BRIDGE. 

Following the resounding success of the initial workshop, NEC Liberia forges ahead with the second installment of the Building Institutional Excellence in Elections Workshop. This workshop will center on delving into the nuances of organizational culture and exploring its intricacies and impact. NEC Liberia Directors of Sections and Board of Commissioners will scrutinize the significance of fostering a positive, values-based, and high-performance culture within the organization. The insights gained will lay the groundwork for the upcoming review of organizational structures and procedures, aligning with the overarching goal of instituting excellence in electoral management. The workshop promises to be a crucial step in NEC Liberia’s ongoing journey toward organizational enhancement and sustained success.

Zage Filiposki, Emma Togba, James Wallace
Monrovia / Ganta
Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Electoral Management Body
Modules used at this workshop:
Building Institutional Excellence
Expected Outcomes:
Operational Training, Professional Development of Staff,