BRIDGE Rule 1: All BRIDGE activities must be approved by the BRIDGE Partners.  Approval is obtained through the BRIDGE Portal. Therefore, BRIDGE implementers must request approval from the BRIDGE Secretariat for BRIDGE activities as soon as they can legitimately do so.

13 Feb

Building Institutional Excellence in Elections – Liberian NEC

13 February - 15 February


This will be the first pilot of the recently completed Building Institutional Excellence in Elections Module. It will be conducted for the Board of Commissioners and top managers of the National Election Commission of Liberia. The workshop should help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the National Election Commission of Liberia.

Building Institutional Excellence in Elections is the latest and newly approved Module specifically developed by BRIDGE for building institutional excellence in election administration. This one is a bit different from the other technical modules; it addresses the management, organization, structure, and culture of an Election Management Body.

The planning for implementing the Building Institutional Excellence in Elections Module in Liberia started in March 2022. The UNDP Liberia Election Support Project supported several preparatory steps as follows: 

1) Organizational and Capacity Needs Assessment of the NEC Liberia (January 2022), 

2) Development of NEC BRIDGE Implementation Strategy and Rollout plan (June 2022),

3) Delivered BRIDGE TtF course (August 2022), 

4) Strategic Plan Review (September 2022) 

5) Implemented four Module training and accreditation of BRIDGE Workshop Facilitators (November 2022).

All these activities helped build experience in the BRIDGE Methodology for the implementation team among the NEC. With careful consideration of internal structures, each NEC section’s communications bottlenecks, and efficiency challenges, the facilitators selected the following topics for the first Building Institutional Excellence in Elections Module workshop: 

Ex.2 Elements of Institutional Excellence; 

Ex.7 Effective Leadership; 

Ex.8 Effective Collaboration and Communication. 

The preparations started in close coordination with the BRIDGE Secretariat and Australian Electoral Commission, BRIDGE Partner, and authors of this module.

The UNDP Liberia Election Support Project, Sweden, and Irish funding support the NEC Liberia in organizing the workshop.

Zage Filiposki, Emma Togba, James Wallace
Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Electoral Management Body
Modules used at this workshop:
Building Institutional Excellence
Expected Outcomes:
Professional Development of Staff
The governments of Sweden and Ireland