BRIDGE Rule 1: All BRIDGE activities must be approved by the BRIDGE Partners.  Approval is obtained through the BRIDGE Portal. Therefore, BRIDGE implementers must request approval from the BRIDGE Secretariat for BRIDGE activities as soon as they can legitimately do so.

9 Jan

Building Institutional Excellence in Elections Management of Ethiopia

9 January - 13 January


A five-day BRIDGE Building Institutional Excellence in Elections workshop for NEBE decision-makers and key senior staff to explore themes relating to the management, organization, structure and culture of an EMB and enhance understanding of how to build institutional excellence in election management.

The workshop will target up to 25 participants from NEBE who are involved in making and/or advising on decisions in relation to the strategic direction of the institution. This may include members of the Management Board, the Strategic Planning Committee, Heads of Department, Regional Coordinators and other senior staff.

The objectives of the workshop is:

  • To enhance knowledge of concepts, principles and standards on how to build institutional excellence in election management.
  • To advance awareness of practical ways in which EMBs can strengthen their ability to carry out their mandate with integrity and efficiency through case studies and practical exercises.
  • To consider issues relating to the functioning and perceptions of an EMB that may be currently relevant to NEBE as it develops its Strategic Plan and internal management policies.    

This workshop is part of a broad professional development programme that aims to (i) enhance the knowledge of NEBE and stakeholders on electoral principles and practices, and the functions of election management within the context of the electoral cycle; and (ii) promote development of a qualified workforce able to use the BRIDGE materials and methodology effectively in order to deliver workshops on electoral issues for the benefit of a range of electoral stakeholders.

Natia Kashakashvili, Shalva Tskhakaya, Cherer Shaffo
Addis Ababa
Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Electoral Management Body
Modules used at this workshop:
Building Institutional Excellence
Expected Outcomes:
Provide Electoral Principles to Staff, Professional Development of Staff