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23 Jan

Customized Operational Planning Module, State Election Commission of Macedonia and IFES

23 January - 25 January

In the dawn of the upcoming Presidential Elections in Macedonia this April, the State Election Commission with the partnership support of IFES is  organizing a BRIDGE Operational Planning workshop (customized).

The facilitators, Hermann Thiel and Ljupka Guguchevska, have been working on customizing the modular activities to fit the context and suit the participants’ needs. Sessions on structuring the actual operational plan for the upcoming elections and future steps for monitoring of the implementation of this plan have been added.

The final purpose, beside strengthening the capacities and building the team spirit within the SEC right before the elections, is to build and structure an actual operational plan that will be used by SEC in the upcoming months. 

Macedonia, Skopje (Macedonia, Skopje)
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Electoral Management Body
English, Other
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