BRIDGE Rule 1: All BRIDGE activities must be approved by the BRIDGE Partners.  Approval is obtained through the BRIDGE Portal. Therefore, BRIDGE implementers must request approval from the BRIDGE Secretariat for BRIDGE activities as soon as they can legitimately do so.

18 Sep

Disability Rights in Elections Workshop

18 September - 19 September


On 18 -19 September 2019 IFES Kyrgyzstan with financial support of USAID and OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek and in cooperation with Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan (MLSD) and State Staff Personnel Service of The Kyrgyz Republic (SSPS) intend to organize a BRIDGE Disability Rights in Elections workshop.
The workshop will become a learning and discussion platform for 24 participants, coming from OSCE, MLSD, SSPS, civil society organizations, defenders of the rights of persons with disabilities and representatives from Bishkek Mayor’s Office. It will be the second Disability Rights in Elections Workshop organized in the country (first Disability Rights and Gender in Elections BRIDGE workshop was organized in 2018). Thus, all BRIDGE materials were translated in Russian already in 2018 and we do not need to spend time on Russian-English translations. Selection of the rights of persons with disability module for the second BRIDGE workshop came in respond to the electoral stakeholders’ and state bodies requests and demonstrates their readiness to have an open and constructive dialog and cooperation. This workshop is essential for the preparation to local elections this year, Parliamentary Elections in 2020 and given recently ratified Convention for the Rights of People with Disabilities.

Alexander Orehov, Anastasia Griadasova, Bermet Mameyeva, Renata Levovski (Lapti)
Bishkek, Kyrgystan
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Civil Society Organisation, Government, Non Government Organisation, Observers, Other
Modules used at this workshop:
Access to the Electoral Process
Expected Outcomes:
Professional Development of Staff, To develop a support network for stakeholders in electoral processes