BRIDGE Rule 1: All BRIDGE activities must be approved by the BRIDGE Partners.  Approval is obtained through the BRIDGE Portal. Therefore, BRIDGE implementers must request approval from the BRIDGE Secretariat for BRIDGE activities as soon as they can legitimately do so.

25 Aug

Gender and Elections BRIDGE workshop organized in North Macedonia

25 August - 27 August

Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of)

The participants got acquainted with the BRIDGE methodology and had the chance to explore the barriers and obstacles to participation of women as voters and candidates, but also the strategies and quota options that can be applied to mitigate the negative impact of some electoral systems on equal representation of men and women in elected bodies.

Doina Bordeianu
Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
English, Albanian, Macedonian
Modules used at this workshop:
Gender Equality and Elections
Expected Outcomes: