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27 Mar

Introduction to Electoral Administration

27 March - 31 March


The League of Arab States in partnership with the UNDP is organizing a five-day BRIDGE workshop entitled “Introduction to Electoral Administration” at the Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo – Egypt between Match 27– 31, 2022. The objectives of the workshop are to enable the participants to:


✓ Recognize the different phases of the electoral cycle, components of each phase and the logic sequence within the cycle.

✓ Identify the international obligations for credible elections

✓ Identify and analyse different electoral systems

✓ Analyse the main electoral systems, comparing their strengths and weaknesses, and contrasting their outcomes

✓ Get acquainted with different applications of technology during different phases of the electoral process with special emphasis on E-voting.

✓ Understand the development and importance of international elections observation, role of observers and codes of conduct for international and domestic observers.

✓ Understand the observation and reporting methodology of LAS.

Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Modules used at this workshop:
Introduction to Electoral Administration, Electoral Systems, Boundary Delimitation, Gender Equality and Elections, Voter Registration, Election Day and Results Management, Legal Framework and Reform
Expected Outcomes:
Professional Development of Staff
The League of Arab States in partnership with the UNDP