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13 Feb

Kyiv-UA – Ukraine – 13-14 February 2018 – Modules – Access to the Electoral Process Funded by USAID, CANADA, UKAID

13 February - 14 February


IFES Ukraine in cooperation with the Central Election Commission of Ukraine and Joint IFES-CEC Administrative Center for the Training of Election Process Participants (Training Center) conducted a two-day BRIDGE modular workshop on Acces to electoral process. The event is possible with the financial support of USAID, Global Affairs Canada and the UK government. The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with knowledge of international standards and good practices in ensuring accessibility of the electoral process. This module will be conducted in Kyiv, Ukraine, on February 13-14, 2018.This workshop will be conducted by BRIDGE workshop-level facilitator Alyona Dolya, Serhii Serzhan together with semi-accredited facilitator Alyona Sheshenya.

Accrediting Workshop – Alyona Dolya ,Serhii Serzhan


Kyiv, Ukraine
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