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14 May

Owerri, Nigeria,14 -18 May 2018, Introduction to Electoral Administration, IFES

14 May - 18 May

The Imo State Independent Electoral Commission (ISIEC) in Nigeria is scheduled to conduct elections on July 14, 2018. The commission was inaugurated about two months ago and have little experience on election administration. The ISIEC, with the support of IFES, plans to conduct a customized BRIDGE module workshop covering the following topic areas: å¤ Post-Election Activities å¤ Gender and Elections å¤ Introduction to Election Administration å¤ Strategic and Financial Planning å¤ Leadership å¤ Election Security å¤ Communications å¤ Electoral Operational Planning å¤ Access å¤ Electoral Systems å¤ Legal Framework The topics have been selected to match the needs of the ISIEC and the state at large. The workshop will enhance skills of the selected staff in the respective topical themes, who carry out important activities across the electoral cycle.
Purpose – Preparation for Electoral Event Professional Development of Staff



Chuta Chijindu, Obaje M Ukeh and Uloma Osuala


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