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18 Jun

Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, 18 -19 June 2018, Political Financing, IDEA

18 June - 19 June

Summary – The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) is implementing the Level Up: Political financing with integrity project in Mongolia in cooperation with the Open Society Forum (OSF) that aims to improve political finance regulatory frameworks in a way that empower women and young politicians and that protect the integrity of public policy making from the influence exerted by money in politics. The training is called: ‰ÛÏGender Perspectives and Youth Participation on Elections and Political Finance‰۝ – a hybrid BRIDGE programme. Two workshops are being conducted (2 days each) – one with a focus on gender perspectives in political financing and 2) youth perspectives in political financing.
Purpose – Professional Development of Staff

Facilitators – Yvonne Goudie 

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