BRIDGE Rule 1: All BRIDGE activities must be approved by the BRIDGE Partners.  Approval is obtained through the BRIDGE Portal. Therefore, BRIDGE implementers must request approval from the BRIDGE Secretariat for BRIDGE activities as soon as they can legitimately do so.

23 Nov

Voter Registration Basics for the NEC Liberia and CSOs

23 November - 25 November


Voter registration Module in support of Biometric Voter Registration in Liberia


The government of Liberia tasked the National Elections Commission (NEC) to implement Biometric Voter Registration (BVR). This process will contribute to improved accurate voter registration, increasing the number of registered voters, limiting the possibility of double registration, and improving the identification of the voters on election day. In preparation for this endeavor, the NEC Liberia is preparing its staff and counterparts from the CSOs and other national agencies to better understand the basic principles of VR. At the same time, the workshop is facilitated by the NEC TtF Complete facilitators, who will get a chance to get BRIDGE Workshop accreditation. These activities fit with the NEC BRIDGE Implementation Strategy and Rollout plan (June 2022),

Zage Filiposki, Emma Togba, James Wallace, Isaac Q. Kollielon
Buchanan, Grand Bassa County
Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Electoral Management Body, Civil Society Organisation, Observers
Modules used at this workshop:
Voter Registration
Expected Outcomes:
Provide Electoral Principles to Staff, Preparation for Electoral Event