Welcome to the new BRIDGE website!

25 November 2021

The BRIDGE Partners are delighted to launch the new BRIDGE website that delivers a more engaging user centred experience for individuals interacting with BRIDGE. 

The new BRIDGE website, which caters specifically for the international electoral community, including electoral management bodies and international NGOs, is easier to navigate and access valuable information to learn about BRIDGE.

Linking seamlessly from the BRIDGE website is a new BRIDGE Portal, specifically designed to meet the needs of the international community of BRIDGE facilitators – the core of the BRIDGE community! Significant focus has been put into the design of the BRIDGE Portal to make it as easy and simple as possible for BRIDGE facilitators to fulfil their obligations to the BRIDGE Partners when planning for, conducting and evaluating a BRIDGE event. You can read more about the exciting functionality available in the BRIDGE Portal on the BRIDGE community page.

You will also notice our striking and bold identity is back! In 2022, BRIDGE will celebrate its 20th anniversary and in recognition of this the original ‘BRIDGE colours’ first introduced when the program launched in 2002 have been incorporated throughout the BRIDGE website.

The launch of the new BRIDGE website and BRIDGE Portal is a significant achievement in the implementation of the BRIDGE 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, further enhancing the reputation of BRIDGE as the preeminent electoral professional development program.

We hope you enjoy our new look and we encourage you to keep up to date with the latest BRIDGE events and announcements in our news section.

We want to acknowledge and thank the BRIDGE facilitators who dedicated time and effort to participate in the user testing of the new website and Portal. Your efforts are most appreciated – the BRIDGE community says thank you!

We’ve already received remarkable feedback from our BRIDGE community on the new BRIDGE website and portal and we welcome any further feedback, comments and suggestions via the online contact form