Introduction to Electoral Administration

27-31 March 2022


The League of Arab States in partnership with the UNDPand the Electoral Assistance Division (EAD) have implemented a five-day BRIDGE workshop on “Introduction to Electoral Administration” in Cairo – Egypt between Match 27– 31, 2022. Eighteen participants participated in the workshop. They were all from the LAS staff. Six of them were women.

The facilitation team comprised four BRIDGE facilitators who participated in the preparation and delivery of this workshop, two were women.

The workshop aimed at raising awareness regarding the different phases of the electoral cycle, the international obligations for credible elections, identifying different electoral systems as well as understanding the development and importance of international elections observation, the role of observers and code of conduct for international and domestic observers.


By the end of the workshop, most of the participants recommended to have more BRIDGE trainings in the future, as it contributes effectively to building their capacities as election observers and it increases their knowledge regarding the different aspects of the electoral process.



Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Modules used at this workshop:
Introduction to Electoral Administration, Electoral Systems, Boundary Delimitation, Gender Equality and Elections, Voter Registration, Election Day and Results Management, Legal Framework and Reform
Expected Outcomes:
Professional Development of Staff